How to make all natural skin cleanser, toner & hair oil.
Saturday November 30th, 1:00pm
Pointe-Claire, Qc
FYI- there will be some eco-talk as well

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Save the planet??? If you are like me, you’re always trying to become a better person. Practicing being more mindful and conscious. This includes looking at every action we make in our lives and the impact that it has on everything around us. Our sphere of consciousness is growing to our accountability of the shit that is happening in our world and to our planet. The amount of plastic in our oceans, brutal animal slaughterhouses, forests being wiped out, animals losing their habitat, extinction, toxic chemicals ingestion and absorption and more…the list goes on and on.

What’s can I do? We’re already so busy in our lives, that it seems so overwhelming.

Take a deep breath and learn one thing at a time. Lean in, instead of trying to jump in.

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I’m Deeply devoted in helping you create a healthy home for you and your family

Are you working to live and grow, or merely to survive? If you are like me, you want to become the very best version of yourself you can become. I understand the true value of time, this is why I have created this website.

I would be honoured to be the one to help you build a greener lifestyle. The less toxins in our home and earth, the more we’ll thrive as healthy, balanced, people. Every choice we make has a global impact.

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