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Since 1993, I started a new life journey. After my very first visit to a naturopath, I found out that I had wheat and dairy sensitivities. Something amazing happening from that day onward. Eliminated them from my body….all of a sudden I had mental clarity, clear skin, no more mood swings, more energy, grounded and happier days.

If just one small tweak could change the way I felt and thought, what more could be out there? Hence the beginning of my journey of health and planetary wellness. I was living in Nelson BC at the time which was a haven for eco/health consciousness. I read everything on the subject and through learning, curiosity, listening and testing, I was living it.

I’ve spent a good part of my life outdoors, hiking, wilderness camping and sea kayaking. My traveling adventures are always focused on spending time in the energy and splendor of nature. My rewards have been raising my vibration, animal connection and realizing the incredible miracle our home that we live upon.

Since 2003, I’ve dedicated part of my life to real estate. With my green attitude, I’ve been able to help a lot of clients green-up their homes. For the health of their family and knowing that they are making a global impact on preserving the planet.

Jennifer Lynn Walker

Educator & Mentor on Eco-Sensitive Living


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