My most important life gift came to me about 25 years ago when I went to my very first homeopathic doctor. I found out that I had food sensitivity to wheat and dairy. After successfully cutting these elements out of my diet, my life drastically changed. I now had mental clarity, more energy, clearer skin, and my bowel movements & mood swings were regulated, and I felt more at peace within myself.

How could something so simple have such a big impact? I had to know. I started reading everything and anything to do with health, and oddly enough, information about the environment came right along with it.  It seemed you couldn’t have one without the other. I learned that everything I did had an impact on people’s lives and an ecological footprint. I became acutely aware that every choice I made would impact everything around me. And so, I became a Conscious Responsible Co-Creator.

With our everyday choices, how much of an impact can we make?

Let me give you an example and how in just 10 minutes, you can make a huge impact and become a Conscious Responsible Co-Creator. You need to eat. You go into your local grocery store and buy some food and you put it in one of their plastic bags and bring it home. A “no brainer” because you’ve been doing it for years.

Let’s change it up!

NOW go into the grocery store and this time chose organic vegetables and fruit, without any plastic or packaging involved. The chicken is free range and for desert you chose is fair trade bananas and chocolate. How much of an impact have you made?

Let’s have a look,

Go Organic:  A worker is safe from carcinogenic chemicals thanks to you. So is the nearby town because these chemicals become airborne. These pesticides also drain into our fragile water systems and affect the animals. It starts with the fish and birds, and ends up at the top in the food chain, in us!  You’ve just protected our natural resources and the planet’s animals.




Say NO plastic packaging:  Over 1,000,000 seabirds and marine mammals die each year from plastic ingestion of entanglement. You may have just saved one or a few. Plastic does not decompose. You’ve just created one less piece of garbage that usually either ends up in the oceans or on our land (in our landfill).



Fair Trade bananas & Chocolate: Rainforest destruction is one effect of the banana industry. Cocoa companies pay prices so low that many cocoa farmers cannot meet their families’ basic needs. You’ve not only saved a part of the rain forest, you’ve also helped families in need. Forced and abusive child labor is also prohibited. Now you’re helping out kids!



Free range:  Because of a high stress environment, continuous use of anti-biotic is needed to keep the birds alive. Chickens hate being cooped up and become aggressive. We don’t need to be eating stressed out, chemical and hormonally induced food. By eating free range, you’ve supporting that animals need to be treated with care and respect.


You have purchase power!!

Our decisions and choices HAVE an impact.  We can change the world, one decision at a time. By changing our buying habits, we create a bigger demand for better, healthier, sustainable products. We will teach our children and friends by our example and create a more sustainable, harmonious economy for all of us to thrive in.