Eye Opener
It saddens my heart to see people throwing away plastic disposable products. From cutlery to plates, from ziplock bags to take out containers. All this plastic just ends up in the oceans killing our animals, on land creating wastelands or incinerated created air toxins.

In the 1990’s was a sea kayak guide on the Haida Gwaii islands, off the coast of BC, Canada. A family living in the area had a contract to collect the plastic off the beaches. They would collect over 80 tons of it. Debris floating all the way over from China and Japan. Plastic does not decompose.

Simple Solutions
Here are some great tips that I do that will help you out. I may be thought of as an extremist, but I honestly, I just feel I do what is necessary to keep the plastic out of the landfill and oceans.

1. Carry some reusable cutlery with you in your purse and keep some in your car. That way you can refuse it at the take-out counter, at events, and at picnics.
2. If you are throwing an event, buy compostable cutlery (found online or at your local healthfood store), or use your own regular utencils. If you don’t have enough, you can rent, borrow, or buy from the second-hand store.

“Thank for the cutlery, however I have my own with me. Save your plastic”

Make a Change
You must be on your game! A lot of take-outs slips them in your bag. I know it’s awkward, however we are past that now. Be proud and your little awkward moment of saying “no thanks, I’ve got my own”, will have a big impact on the planet and will help others see the alternatives. I get a lot of, “You have your own cutlery?…What a great idea!” Be the leader.

If you want to go all out…
Bring a reusable container with you when you go to restaurants, instead of a plastic doggie-bag container.
At events, I bring home all the cutlery that was going to be thrown out. For example, at my daughter’s dinner theatre event, they served plastic cutlery. I collected it all and washed it and brought it to the secondhand store along with a note to reuse it as many times possible.

Unfortunate Reality
The number one ingredient in plastic is oil. Toxic chemicals and dust pollute the air and water. There is a risk of an oil spill (ITOPF estimated that between 1970 and 2016 approximately 5.73 million tons of oil were lost as a result of tanker incidents). This is detrimental to our water and animals who live in it.

YOU are Awesome!
I’m so proud of you! You might think that this is easy, however to always stay conscious of the fact of these little guys, is not easy. Be bold. Be brave. So no to plastic and bring your own alternative. Whoot! Whoot!!!