My powerful why

In the age of consumerism a healthy degree of CONSCIENCE is a very necessary counterweight to avoid inflicting unnecessary harm. The Civil Rights movement continues to (ref. Black Lives Matter, #metoo, Occupy Wall Street, Gay Rights, etc…) The Animal Rights movement as well (Save the Whales, WWF, etc…). But the Environmental movement always needs more backers. This is where Jennifer Lynn Walker’s soft activism (i.e. not militant, guiding through example) takes place.

Am I a pioneer? No… For the most part there is lots of literature and study pointing to the very real certainty that we’re killing the planet and only dingbats will deny it. But what we don’t know is WHAT to do and HOW to live in a manner so as to avoid aggravating this situation. I am a GUARDIAN of the planet. One of many guardians, yes, but a guardian that can cut out and own a very specific place: that one’s personal living space (home, office, car… but primarily home) not be unnecessarily or unconsciously harming the planet. Is there a need for this? Of course. Is there a desire for it? Yes.

What’s the over-arching problem? People are living in a disjointed manner: their actions are not lining up with their philosophies. They want to NOT be harming the planet, but they are. Not willfully nor deliberately, but rather ignorantly – they don’t know what they don’t know. Lining the home up with eco-sensitive living is unchartered territory. So in that sense, am I a pioneer? Yes.
For those that actually care about the planet (and most do, of course in varying degrees, but there are more people that want to save it than burn it to the core) I am a pioneer as far as pointing out potential hazards and red flags in places they had never suspected (example: “off-gassing” in vinyl carpets), as well informing on how to manage end-of-lifecycle (how to dispose or why not dispose of certain things), and many, many others things.

PROBLEM. Non-deliberate harm is being done to the planet by people. These people won’t make the sacrifice to be back-to-the-lander raging hippy types, but they WILL do the extra 15% to live more eco-sensitively within their current living scenarios.

Jennifer Lynn Walker’s SOLUTION lifestyle hacks

Thoughts to consider:


  • If feng shui is the age-old practice of arranging a home’s interior to be consistent with good energetic flow, why shouldn’t JLW be the new practice of arranging that home’s mechanics with good energetic flow with the ground it’s on (i.e. Earth)?
  • Eco comes from Greek for “home” / “house”… Economy is management of resources with a view to optimizing productivity. Ecology is the management of the relationship between two or more organisms in one environment… Why wouldn’t Eco-phily (love of home) be an equally valid area of practice and thought?

Jennifer Lynn Walker

Educator & Mentor on Eco-Sensitive Living