– Altering consciousness one bag at a time


Plastic bags are so easy and useful; however they are sadly, incredibly destructive. You probably knew this already.



Just say NO to plastic bags

You are now a conscious person living on this planet.  Whoot whoot!!


Just a reminder how easily we forget, so make a clear intention

Say it a few times out loud to practice, so you are ready…

You see that bag coming out, or they ask, you simply say,

“NO THANKS” (smiley face)

As you’re paying…

Oh, and I don’t need any bags thanks, I have my own”

Even better…

“No thanks, there is so much plastic in the world already.”

“I’m really trying to do my part in reducing.”


There may be times when you might automatically take one, or be offered one.

For example:

-Plastic bags for your fruits and vegetable

-At the cash register

-Fish and meats



All plastic that has been produced in this world hasn’t left and won’t decompose for many, many hundreds of lifetimes. There are even floating islands in the sea and animals are eating it and dying. Very sad and unsustainable.


THIS IS WHAT I DO…simple solutions

Carry a reusable bag where ever you go.

Keep one in your purse and a some in your car.  (picture of one and link to buy)

If I accidentally forget mine, I’ll buy a reusable bag at the cash or I walk away with my purchase in my hands or I put it in my purse.

If you are still needing plastic, read the label and make sure it is compostable. A lot of companies are producing plastic that decomposes. You can actually put it in your compost!


Your actions will influence others. Involve yourself even more by complimenting others when you see them do it. “Good for you!”  “That’s awesome!”