Eye Opener

Plastic, paper or Styrofoam takeout cups are convenient; however, most of them do not decompose and sit in the landfill. You probably knew this already.

Make a Change

Keep a travel mug with you at all times. Whether in your car or in your purse or bag.
It’s easy! It’s just a matter of remembering.
You are now a mindful person taking care of your planet home.  That’s Great!

When you’re in the coffee shop, just bring it out and ask them to put your tea or coffee in your mug. Some shops will even give you a discount, and you can save some money!

Unfortunate Reality

All plastic that has been produced in this world hasn’t left and won’t decompose for many, many hundreds of lifetimes. There are even floating islands in the sea and animals are eating it and dying. Very sad and unsustainable.

Simple Solutions

I carry a reusable mug wherever I go. It’s in my car or in my bag.
If I am on vacation or traveling, it’s in my carry-on.

YOU are Awesome!

Your actions will influence others. Involve yourself even more by complimenting others when you see them do it. “Good for you!”  “That’s awesome!”